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Are you thinking of sending your work to an agent or publisher and want to make sure the manuscript has been polished before you do so? Or are you planning to self-publish?

If so, having your book copy-edited and/or proofread may be one of the best investments you ever make.

No one should edit or proofread their own work. When you’ve been working on a manuscript for so long, and are so close to it, it becomes virtually impossible to spot errors and inconsistencies. You know what you’ve written, and that’s what you’ll see. And while spellcheck software can pick up certain errors, it will miss others.

A fresh pair of eyes

By engaging me to copy-edit or proofread your manuscript, you’ll be bringing on board not only a professional with an eye for the nitty-gritty of spelling, grammar, punctuation and layout, but also a reader with sufficient detachment from your work to be able to assess it objectively.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to rewrite your work! In fact, that’s exactly what I won’t do. My job is to polish your manuscript and ensure that it’s error free and professionally presented, while retaining your unique authorial voice.

If you have a piece of work you think I can help with, please email me or give me a ring on 07890 690 154.