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If you work for a business, charity or other organisation, you may be wondering how an editorial professional can possibly bring anything of value to your company.

But think about it. Chances are you use some sort of written material to present your business to the world: to your customers, both current and potential, as well as to your employees, shareholders and board members.

You most probably have a website. And you probably use some or all of the following: brochures and other printed marketing materials; reports; tender documents; training manuals; newsletters; minutes; fundraising material; e-zines; advertisements. The list is practically endless.

First impressions count

You know it’s true. How many times has a careless typo, an erroneously placed apostrophe, or a badly constructed sentence left you with a negative impression of an organisation?

If they can’t get something as simple as that right, you ask yourself, why on earth should I trust them to insure my house, manage my finances, or install my windows?

And yet it’s so easy to let little mistakes slip through the net.

Get what you’ve written right

By hiring me to proofread or copy-edit your written communications, both internal and external, you can be sure that any pesky errors and inconsistencies – of spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and layout – will be eradicated before they have a chance to lose you money.

I also read for sense, with the fresh perspective that those who have compiled a document don’t have, being too close to the material.

Embarrassing typos reflect badly on your organisation, sending out the wrong signal.

Don’t think, then, of what hiring a professional editor will cost you. Think instead of what it will save you!

If there’s a project you think I might be able to help with, email me or give me a ring on 07890 690 154.