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Anne Hudson | Proofreading Services
Email: anne@annehudsoneditorial.com
Telephone: 07890 690 154

Call or email me, or use the form below, if you have a general enquiry or want to get a free, personalised quote. 

Please provide as many details about the project as you can, including but not limited to: the title, genre (dissertation, novel, business report, etc) and number of words; whether it’s a Microsoft Word, PDF or old-fashioned paper document; and what your time frame/deadline is.

If you’re an author with a book-length project, please also attach a sample of 10-15 pages from the middle of the manuscript.

Lastly, if you’re not sure whether you need a proofreader or a copy-editor, or even what the difference is, don’t worry! I can guide you through the process, explain anything you don’t understand, and give advice on how best to proceed. It’s all part of the service and there’s absolutely no obligation.

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If you're an author with a book-length project, please upload a 10-15 page sample from the middle of the document using the 'browse' button below.