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I copy-edit and proofread for both academic and trade publishers, and current and recent clients include Palgrave Macmillan, Taylor & Francis, Ashgate, Oldcastle Books and Harlequin (UK).

Some of the titles I’ve worked on are listed below.

Academic (Humanities)

Performing Migrancy and Mobility in Africa (ed. Mark Fleishman)
Performance and Temporalisation (eds Stuart Grant, Jodie McNeilly & Maeva Veerapen)
Theatre and Aural Attention (George Home-Cook)
Digital Movement (eds Nicolas Salazar Sutil & Sita Popat)
Akram Khan (Royona Mitra)
Yoruba Performance, Theatre and Politics (Glenn Odom)
Women Screenwriters: An International Guide (eds Jill Nelmes & Jule Selbo)
Contemporary Japanese Women’s Theatre and Visual Arts (Nobuko Anan)
Middlebrow Wodehouse (ed. Ann Rea)
Performing (for) Survival (eds Patrick Duggan & Lisa Peschel)

Academic (Social Sciences)

Global Human Trafficking (Molly Dragiewicz)
Germany after the 2013 Elections (Gabriele D’Ottavio & Thomas Saalfeld)

Trade (Fiction)

Unspoken (Lilian Kendrick)
My So-Called (Love) Life (A L Michael)
Girls Who Roared (Delancey Stewart)
A Country Affair (Alice Ross)
Things I See in the Dark (Michelle Kelly)
For the Love of Christmas (Kate Forster)
The Lake House (Helen Phifer)
The Garden of Magic (Sarah Painter)

Trade (Non-fiction)

Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays (Lucy V Hay)
Writing & Selling Crime Film Screenplays (Karen Lee Street)
The Art of Screenplays: A Writer’s Guide (Robin Mukherjee)
Writing for Television: Series, Serials & Soaps (Yvonne Grace)
Writing & Selling Drama Screenplays (Lucy V Hay)
Writing & Selling Romantic Comedy Screenplays (Helen Jacey & Craig Batty)
Rocliffe Notes: A Professional Approach for Screenwriters & Writer-Directors (Farah Abushwesha)
Studio Ghibli (Michelle Le Blanc & Colin Odell)
The Art of Script Editing (Karol Griffiths)
Out at the Movies (Steven Paul Davies)